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From 1991-2008, Jim was a probation officer responsible for overseeing the policies and practices of Intensive Probation for Domestic Violence offenders in Ann Arbor MI.Before joining the criminal justice system in 1993, he worked as the clinical director of Straight, Inc., a family oriented substance abuse program for drug using young people and their families.

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Rebecca also provides support for NIWRC Technical Assistance projects.

Rebecca has been a facilitator/researcher/writer in various capacities: domestic violence, sexual assault, sex trafficking, homelessness intervention, reproductive justice, economic justice, intergenerational trauma, first responding against hate crimes, Disabilities, human rights, leadership building, mentor projects, advocacy in anti-oppression, specialized Indigenous community advocacy and introduction concepts to Tribal Nations in mainstream programs.

Rebecca invests in the restoration of sovereignty for Native women, safety for all families and networking with allies who challenge both visible and invisible privilege.

Through the teachings of her mentor, Rebecca firmly believes healed people heal people and hurt people hurt people. Rebecca is excited and honored to be a part of this healing journey with other sisters and brothers dedicated to keeping healthy relationships as the center of our circles, as healthy relationships and healthy communities is our path to healing.

Annika Leonard is committed to creating a world where the inherent worth and dignity of Black women, girls and LGBTQ survivors are honored and valued.

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