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********** Although it is often supposed that American sexual morals have declined over the years since the 1960's and 1970's America is actually quite conservative in its perspective regarding sexual ethics (cf., Scott, 1998; Widmer, Treas, & Newcomb, 1998). recently examined sexual attitudes across 24 countries and grouped these countries into one of four of the following groups: sexual conservatives, teen permissives, homosexual permissives and moderate residuals.The United States fell into the grouping of sexual conservatives when compared with its European counterparts.Upon examination of sexual attitudes and religiosity across six countries, the researcher found that religiosity was a strong counterbalance to sexual permissiveness with respect to disapproval of homosexual practices. Even though there are many other factors that affect the personal growth and development of unmarried adults and adolescents, their sexuality has been a particular focus of study because of the risks involved in transmitting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including AIDS.

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Yet another concern is the crisis of unplanned pregnancies and the use of abortion as a post-coital contraceptive. CDC/National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion's Division of Adolescent and School Health.

This concern for single adults and their sexuality is currently present in the church because, historically, single persons have been an ignored or neglected population within the evangelical church.

A sixteen-year-old girl is trying to fend off an overamorous date who’s had too much to drink at a party and is clumsily trying to slip his hand under her bra as they kiss in the front seat of his father’s car.

She likes this boy and has known him for years, but she’s uncomfortable with the direction the evening is taking and wants to stop things from going further—yet without hurting his feelings unnecessarily.

Though he wasn’t staggering around drunk or slurring his words, she should have registered this as a warning that trouble might lie ahead.

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