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Sweden landed a 3–1 victory against Spain which consequently placed them in the U21 Championships in Germany in 2004.

Hysén suffered a series of minor injuries through his 2010 season which prevented him from ever reaching the top of his game, though he still managed to produce 10 goals before ending the season.

Tobias kept up a great scoring record as he ended the 2011 season scoring 16 goal in 29 games, making him the second best goalscorer of Allsvenskan 2011.

He sees the ice and reads the game very well and makes crisp outlet passes.

Enstrm has also a good/accurate shot and plays the point on the power play. He always chooses the easiest solution and has so far had no problems playing against forwards that are much larger than he is.

The first club he played for was Ubbhult IF because his cousin played there. The next club he played for was Lindholmens BK because that is where he lived at the time.

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