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The testing of these myths often involves them building outlandish machines or robots, use of a high-speed camera, or putting materials and objects under strains and stresses for which they were not built. Although many of their results are not scientifically viable because of small sample sizes etc., the Mythbusters do follow something resembling scientific process, and make obvious efforts to keep their experiments scientifically plausible while also entertaining television.

The show's production has a certain DIY feel to it; its five hosts are largely unscripted, although seasons 6 and 7 have involved more set-pieces of talking to camera, and various people involved in its production, such as camera crew, researchers and sound engineers, frequently appear on-camera.

He often does more of the technical 'heavy-lifting', welding etc., in the build team's engineering solutions.

Among the most conventionally attractive of the show's male hosts, he was been a popular character in fics featuring slash pairings in the fandom's earlier years.

Grant Imahara has a degree in electrical engineering, and met Jamie Hyneman when competing in various robot battle competitions.

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