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It took some time, but I eventually realized that a relationship that I can't be myself in is not a relationship that's worth holding onto. What are some of the biggest dating challenges of being trans?

Person A: I've been in the same relationship since before I came out, so I can't speak to it personally. Most of that stems from being seen as "not really" a man/woman, or being seen as a fetish object rather than a person.

In this week's Sex Talk Realness, speaks to four anonymous people about battling stereotypes, dating cis people, and how coming out has changed the way they have sex. My father was in the Navy and I would take up as "man of the house" when he was gone.

It was very natural for me and was composed of thousands of moments of courage, not one instance of disclosure.

Has coming out as trans changed the way that you have sex? Person A: Dysphoria can really kill self-confidence and when it's more acute, it makes relating to my body a real challenge, which makes sex really undesirable.

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