memphis tn dating service - Truckers only dating

by  |  20-Jun-2016 17:08

Most of my copycat competitors are fakes, they are not real “trucker Dating” sites.

If you would like to sign up now and help us beta test the site, Click Here: Trucker(s)

I like the new software better; so once the new site is up, beta testers will be grandfathered in for FREE!

If anyone has any issues, suggestions or whatnot; you can contact us via our support links at the bottom of the page and/or the report tabs throughout the site. On the new site, we will have an advertising section for those who wish to sign up and advertise.

Your input is welcomed, we want to make this site as best as possible for you the user, keep it affordable and at the same time afford to stay operational, above board and efficient. Any account with an inactive email address will end up being removed, so make sure that is up to date as well. It will not be free, but it too will be affordable.

I had thought about making business cards and putting them on all the pay phones saying, “Single male driver seeking single female driver”. Then in 2003 while driving though the desert in my truck with no name, I thought of Trucker Date.

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