Undergrad dating a grad student

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Once you understand to explain the situation (Step 3). (And if after deep introspection you decide that school is just not for you, then consider yourself lucky that you figured that out now and not after you’ve paid 0,000 on even more schooling.) Obviously, you can’t go back and raise your undergraduate GPA, but there are steps you can take NOW to show the adcom that your undergrad GPA doesn’t define your current academic abilities: • Take a few business-related, college-level courses and earn A’s in them. Perhaps there was a death in the family one semester or maybe you had emergency surgery that left you on bed rest for three weeks mid-semester.

Or maybe you just didn’t realize the importance of grades until halfway through your sophomore year and by then your GPA had taken a serious hit. In other parts of the application, show the skills that your transcript hides without drawing attention to the grades.

So the answer is no; he will not be embarrassed to “show you off” to his friends, and other people will think nothing of it.

It gets a little sketchy if he was your teacher or you didn’t meet him on legitimate terms, but otherwise there is no stigma whatsoever. Unless you have some means of getting in (hint, hint), you really can’t date a GSG.

Or perhaps you were dealing with a serious illness or family problems? There are three places in your MBA application where you may want to address a low GPA: the optional essay, the required portions of the application, and your letters of recommendation.

Or maybe back then you just weren’t motivated to succeed? Once you determine that you are motivated this time around and are capable and competent academically, then it’s time to take action to improve your profile. In a non-whiny, non-defensive tone, you can clearly and straightforwardly explain why your GPA is lower than it should be in the optional essay.

Win him over with your conversation and composure, not your flirty eyes or fake stupidity. I just started dating a guy who's in grad school and I don't know what the expectations are for sex and hooking up. With GSGs however, they expect a less aggressive approach to relationships. As you leave the college sexuality battlefield, things revert to their proper norm.

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