Voyeur web cam online - Updating a database with vb6

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updating a database with vb6-28updating a database with vb6-88

Create Dynaset(Dup Dyn Qry, ORADYN_NOCACHE) If Dup Dyn. Value 0 Then Err Num = DUPLICATE_KEY Err Msg = "Employee Number already exists." Error Err Num End If End If 'Succesful validation with no errors returns True Do Validation Checks = True Exit Function err_Validation Check: If Err Msg Function Update Dynaset Fields() As Integer 'This function sets the dynaset field value to those entered in the text boxes. The program displays the entered records in the grid. Enabled = True Curr Row = 0 'Top row Read Row = 0 Read Col = 0 'Set column headings Grid1.

'The function returns true on success, false on error. To insert the entire batch to the database, users click the Commit Grid button.

Connection = uspatconnection da = New My Sql Data Adapter(cmd) dt = New Data Table da.

Dispose() End Sub Private Sub Button1_Click(By Val sender As System.

Private Sub Add New_Click() 'Blank out the fields txt Empno = "" txt Ename = "" txt Job = "" txt Mgr = "" txt Hire Date = "" txt Sal = "" txt Comm = "" txt Deptno = "" 'Disable the Add button and enable the commit button Add New. Enabled = True 'Disable the navigation buttons Disable Nav Buttons 'Set doadd to true for commit procedure Do Add = True End Sub Private Sub Commit_Click() On Error Go To err_commit Err Msg = "" 'Do validation checks on entered data If Do Validation Checks Then 'If validation checks have passed 'Add the new record to dynaset Emp Dynaset. Table 6-1 shows a typical Batch Insert Form: Users navigate to the Batch Insert Form by clicking the Batch Insert button on the Employee Form.

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