Updating this site

by  |  14-Jun-2014 13:15

One of the most common problems is dissonance between your old website’s URL structure and your new website’s structure.

This dissonance is responsible for a number of issues, so you might be tempted to simply keep your URL structure exactly the way it is—unfortunately, this would defeat the purpose of updating your website in the first place.

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If the URLs associated with those pages suddenly change without proper redirection, those links will no longer point to a relevant destination.

Not only can this cause your rankings to plummet, it can significantly decrease the amount of inbound traffic you get from referral sources.

There’s also a potential problem with the integrity of your external inbound links.

Whether you’ve manually built the links or not, there are likely hundreds of offsite links pointing back to various pages under your domain.

In order to keep Google happy and preserve the integrity of your external links without exactly copying your existing URL structure, you’ll need to set up 301 redirects.

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