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I understand this is an old post, but i hope someone find this of interest.You could give the users the instruction to upload text files to the site, and the have the HTLM/PHP/ASP pages load the context of such files.Now, visitors anticipate your mobile website to have all the key features and content your desktop site contains.

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I use to host the blog on a Godaddy hosting solution.

Blogengine comes with built in support for Live Writer and only required that you input the address, username and password in.

Internet InspirationsĀ® is known for responsive, fully customizable websites that are administrative and user-friendly.

We build content management systems that can help you keep your website maintenance in-house, tailored to meet your business needs.

This includes a user-friendly navigation, functional forms and buttons, engaging and informative content and a display that fits and resizes to each individual device.

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