Updating your bathroom

by  |  20-Sep-2016 17:38

RMR user Simply Sophisticated updated a half bathroom with new molding around the mirror and a fresh coat of paint.

Light colors create warmth and make the room feel even larger, while simple touches like the black and white tile and delicate chandelier lend a romantic vibe to the space.

Look for low-cost substitutes to save cash on your bathroom remodel.

RMR user The Yellow House paired her fabric-covered vanity with a fresh coat of paint and new bathroom accessories.

Although it may take longer to finish, tackling a bathroom remodeling project yourself will save you a ton of money.

RMR user 95818 painted this bathroom's original cabinetry and installed elegant marble tile countertops, rather than a pricey solid marble slab, to save money without sacrificing style.

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