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Simply click on the "Update" button and the application will install the new update.

Scheduling Automatic Updates through the built-in Microsoft Update app will help keep you on top of Microsoft's latest patches for the Microsoft suite of products - including Office and various developer tools.

You do not want your i Pad updating apps in the middle of a shift, for example. Before updating Touch Bistro, you should check to see if there’s an update to your i OS available.

To prevent your i Pads from updating in the middle of a shift or ensuring you’re updating Pro server and your i Pads at the same time, you need to turn off your i Pad’s automatic app updating. To check and update if an update is available follow these steps: Tap Install Now.

In the email we send, clicking the Confirm now button lets us know the email address is yours.

Note: If you do not complete the confirmation process above, your email will remain in an unconfirmed state.

Be sure to maintain updates on these integration features as well - you can consult with your carrier or manufacturer's site for more details.

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