Validating interviews glee finn and rachel start dating

by  |  28-Feb-2015 16:39

Some quick notes before I get on with the list: Ask why or why not with many of these. Usually people will say why or why not without being prompted if you’re interviewing them live. A lot of these will yield similar responses to each other.

Pick 1 or more from each group that you think would be best given your situation.

Once you've done that, then the far more interesting work begins: validating whether there is in fact truth to each of your most uncertain hypotheses and iterating upon them to eventually find product/market fit.

When it comes to customer validation, the most important piece of advice I can give you is exactly what Steve Blank has been prescribing all along: to get out of the building and talk to potential customers and eventually actual customers leveraging your MVP or later product iterations.

This is helpful so that you are getting answers that are comparable between interviews which facilitates deriving more cross-customer insights.

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