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Valdez says it irks him when his clients are viewed as unsociable misfits, because most of them are outgoing -- they just happen to be really busy. They tend to be in the same professional class, and the processes are generally the same for men and women, although Valdez has noticed a few subtle differences.

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"No matter how you play it, dating is a numbers game."Virtual Dating Assistants offers two levels of service: The Premium is $600 a month and guarantees 40 hours of dedicated account work and two dates, while the Executive is $1,200 a month for 80 hours of work and five dates.

Valdez says it took him a while to figure out the pricing structure, but it more or less boils down to $15 an hour for assistants to sift through the rubble.

The number of dates is a minimum; some clients may go on more.

The company tends to piggyback on the larger, more reputable dating sites, but it has utilized smaller, niche ones like a New York site dedicated to sailing aficionados.

It also helps make the first dates at least theoretically smoother by analyzing 17 variables in every introductory e-mail to see what works.

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