Visio updating directory cache

by  |  30-Aug-2016 12:59

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As it happens, in Office 2016, the Click-to-Run experience is actually quite nice compared to previous instances of it and while I’ve been running the preview builds of Office 2016, I certainly haven’t seen any issues with performance so I see no reason not to use Click-to-Run now given that if you ever decide to remove Office from the machine, it will leave you with a cleaner slate.

This post is going to cover how to build an offline source and perform an unattended installation of Office 2016.

If you are using per-user licensing then you need to remove the entire PIDKEY value.

I have also opted to exclude Access, Info Path and Publisher from my installation as I don’t have an need for these applications.

For each Customer ID, what is the average days between orders. I work as full stack developer, but never really spent time on Database designs. Data ~5M documents, would love to have ~223M, with the text of ~10-1000 words each. All words in a text are unique and I can also order them or do ...

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