Vista media library database not updating

by  |  25-Mar-2016 00:11

We recommend that you make backup copies of your entire Media Library folder periodically and also before upgrading to a newer version.While this Media Library could be quite large, it does contain all the media that will quickly get you back up and running (see Restoring from a Backup Copy) should you need to restore your entire Media Library.

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Serviio supports watching online videos and listening to online audio files.

You can add live stream addresses, RSS feeds (for example your favourite podcasts) or content from complex websites, like You Tube.

Catastrophies happen with data and nothing can help assure that you will be able to recover from data loss other than maintaining a good back up strategy.

Even the best of support will not be able to fully recover your data should the database file become corrupt or you lose critical information necessary to operating your ministry.

If on Windows, you can push the Serviio service down in starting order.

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