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bugfixes for 2012 - context menu appears in js files in editor, items in solution folders don't throw exceptions when right clicking, support express versions 1.4.0 - per solution config. JSLint removed confusion option, added anon option. 1.3.6 - update to jslint and jshint latest 1.3.5 - Guess whether the HTML is really javascript and use the selected linter in this case. 1.3.4 - New version of jslint - more type confusion, support for types on properties - Critical bug fix with whitespace option 1.3.3 - New version of hint and lint (new options and polarity of many jslint options changed).

1.4.1 - bugfixes - UI should support dpi modes better, global not globals, hide warn on unused global option for jshint (and make visible for everyone else), fix some errors oldjslint was giving since 1.3.10. 1.3.11 - fixed old jslint (broken in 1.3.10) 1.3.10 - new camelcase and quote options for jshint, jslint removed yahoo widget defines, Upgraded dependencies, Fixed bad wording of regex-dash option, No longer upgrades options from before 1.2.4 1.3.9 - New JSLint and JSHint. Fixed bug causing strict trailing whitespace in JSHint to give a exception. Next and smarttabs option in JShint, removed adsafe and safe options from jslint.

Microsoft announced the availability of Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate a few weeks ago at Connect(); 2016 event.

Microsoft recently released a new update for VS 2017 RC that fixes many bugs reported by the users.

Even though it provides lighter experience and updateable help contents, the pain starts when you’re updating the help contents. I have VS2010 installed in my 2 computers, so you can calculate the size I will need to update the contents. Let me copy over the steps: Please note that this is not a supported scenario.

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