Who is daisy de la hoya dating now

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Corey told Daisy she is a beautiful person with a beautiful heart." We hope Corey has finally found some inner peace and wish Daisy, along with all the actor's family and friends, nothing but the best in this tragic time.Former VH1 dating reality star Daisy de la Hoya has opened up about the death of Corey Haim, whom she had been seeing romantically at the time of his death on Wednesday morning due to pulmonary congestion.A source said, "Their first official date was two weeks ago, but they'd been hanging out a little while before that...

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Daisy De La Hoya is the gal behind the reality series Daisy of Love, who also vied for Bret Michaels' affection on Rock of Love 2.

But now Daisy's receiving attention for an entirely different reason: As it turns out, she was dating Corey Haim at the time of his death yesterday morning.

We've laboriously assembled this list of definitively ugly people (physically ugly, anyway — they're beautiful on the inside, we're sure), and we're telling you we want to sample their goods. 20) Daisy De La Hoya We cannot even begin to account for Daisy De La Hoya.

We're admitting that, look, the following people are not pretty, but that wouldn't stop us. She's like the bastard child of Marshall Mc Luhan and Rube Goldberg.

While it's all relative, things appeared to be looking up for Haim, who famously battled substance abuse for years. His recent love took to (what else) Twitter to express her public devastation: "I'm sooooooo devastated right now," Daisy de la Hoya Tweeted this morning.

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