Who is dan fogler dating

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The Blu-ray Digital HD edition includes an Alicia Keys lyric video and behind-the-scenes, a long section of deleted scenes, an audio commentary by director Mira Nair, a three-part making-of documentary, and a short on the real coach Oyelowo portrays. January 30, 2017 - Another Halloween-themed movie hits stores when it isn't even close to Halloween. A Madea Halloween finds the large, sassy character butting heads with a fraternity allowing underage girls into their epic Halloween bash.

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Available tomorrow, Sony's disc includes a director's audio commentary, a making-of featurette, and the film's theatrical trailer. February 5, 2017 - American Pastoral, the directorial debut of Ewan Mc Gregor, adapts a 1997 Philip Roth novel of the same name, telling the story of an affluent New Jersey couple (Mc Gregor and Jennifer Connelly) whose teenaged daughter (Dakota Fanning) grows a rebellious streak and disappears accused of a murderous act.

Available Tuesday, Lionsgate's Blu-ray DVD Digital HD includes a Mc Gregor audio commentary and two making-of featurettes. February 3, 2017 - Four new theatrical releases get reviewed today.

The Art and Making of Hotel Transylvania Disney on Blu-ray Disc Disney Movie Club Exclusive DVDs Disney Release Types FAQs Aspect Ratios Explained Pan & Scan DVDs to Avoid High School Musical 2: Hollywood Report Guide to Cars Tie-ins Cars World Premiere A Tour of Disney's ARL Ultimate Guide to Pooh Black Diamond VHS Disney's Christmas Films aware that they have something that will attract acclaim, have lifted the usual release date embargo.

Set in 2029, the film finds a grayed, weary Wolverine on the run from a corporation and trying to protect the ferocious genetically-engineered young daughter he never knew he had.

James Mangold returns to direct this R-rated finale. February 16, 2017 - Now in theaters, The Great Wall stars Matt Damon as an 11th century mercenary who comes to defend the Great Wall of China..ferocious legendary monsters who surface every sixty years.

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