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“Sometimes it was Dave’s apartment, sometimes an empty conference room at Random House.” Even before the construction crew put the finishing touches on We Work Soho South this past January, Galvanized had decided that an office on the top floor seemed perfect.

It had its own skylight, flooding the larger of the two rooms with sunlight.

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“We had regular lunches and dinners, sometimes grabbed a drink after work, and stayed in touch about each other’s lives.” Hammond says when Zinczenko described his idea for Galvanized, he knew he wanted to join such a dedicated team.

“When I was at , I had a front-row seat to what was happening in Silicon Valley,” says Hammond.

We finally were able to breathe a little easier when we had one visitor.

After a month, we had a million and a half unique visitors.” Less than a year after the relaunch, Eat This, Not That! Zinczeko admits that it’s overwhelming success was gratifying. could be big again, but so much of what we pioneered in the last decade has been adopted by other food and nutrition brands,” says Zinczeko.

“It has taken a lot of effort, but we’ve all been blown away by how many people remembered it, loved it, enthusiastically re-embraced it.” Confident that the company was on firm footing—it had signed a publishing deal with Random House—Galvanized began looking for a permanent home.

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