Who is iman ali dating

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When he did not succeed in this he began other tactics to do thsame.

Who is iman ali dating

This was the true Islamic Welfare State in progress where every hungry mouth must have food, every naked person must have clothes and a shelter over his head.

Apart from administering the Trust set up by his father ‘Ali (as) , Husayn’s (as) main occupation during these 25 years in Madina was to teach the newly converted Muslims real Islam through the Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet. He has also travelled to Yemen and most of the southern part of Hejaz and Najd.

Whenever Husayn entered the mosque, the Caliph would let him sit beside him and tell the companions to listen to what this young man says. His main activity in Madinah was to see that the people there know true Islam.

He also managed the Trust set up by his father, to help the poor of the city by giving them food and many necessities of life.

Ali (as) had no choice but to prepare for battle with Muawiya.

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