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Matthew Agbaire who she was dating was threatening to blackmail her if she could not part with money anytime Matthew Agbaire requested for any sum to use for himself.In November 24th, 2015, Ivie was pregnant for me with twins which she confirmed severally in our chat (see attached for your perusal and confirmation the Ultra Sound Scan Report for the LMP and EDD) and the pregnancy grow for 5 (five) months and the babies had become 5(five) months old in June.

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Please see attached the list of people she was owing and these people are available if you which to speak with them.

Despite all these borrowings, Ivie could not account for what the sum of N25, 204,250 was spent on and till date she has not being able to explain in clear terms what the money was used for.

Read the allegations he sent to Laila's blog below.

The killer and the cheat..true Story of Ivie Edobor...

This persisted until in September 17th 2014 when strange faces of people I had never met or spoken with before kept coming to knock at my gate as early as 5a.m.

Who is john singleton dating

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