Who is katt williams dating

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“This old tired washed up stripper who was last spotted sleeping a bathtub has nerve to start beef with me when I didn’t even mention her name over a video that was taken days before she jumped on my ex’s c**k,” Hazel-E began her rant in a comment on the photo.

“But she been a fan of me since my Girl Code mixtape, I done paid Jhonni at Dreams & Sues Rendezvous, I’ve listened to every sad story, tried to vouch for her at LHHH & LHHNY.” star, airing a lot of dirty laundry that could make the stripper turned singer look pretty bad.

Who is katt williams dating

You a raggedy b***h Johnni and that’s why our interactins have been limited.” The entire comment written by Hazel-E is pretty lengthy and has enough profanity that we really can’t repost a screenshot.

The best parts have been shared, but has all the receipts and Hazel-E’s complete response to the picture of Jhonni Blaze and Katt Williams.

When he was 12, he won a number of awards for science projects, which landed him a full scholarship to The National Science Academy in Dayton, but as soon as the young brain found out about the scholarship, he purposely failed a math test in order to be disqualified from participating in the program.

He soon escaped from home in order to pursuit his more creative side and to show the world the stand-up comedian who was craving to get loose.

Katt Williams is an American comedian, rapper, and actor.

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