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I listen to all except country music, country I have to stomach some times when I do or watch movies and TV.

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If someone came out with a hot country track, I'd listen to it. If Onyx recollaborates, can we expect songs with the dreary story lines and underground beats? Sticky: Well, I didn't get it from Tyson so maybe he got it from me? I can't stand it when people spell Sticky Fingaz wrong. I did his album and right on the cover "STICKY FINGERS". Is there a rapper you’d like to work with that you haven’t?

Yes, you can expect the more dreary concepts and stories, my opinion is Shut 'Em Down is the best, but you will definately get those underground beats and insane, hardcore lyrics. check the track called BEEF on biggies album Duets for the answer. Like on the cover of a movie I did my fucking name is spelled wrong! When I put my albums out I always make sure that shit is correct. Another thing about that lyric is that people say what they think and I don't give a fuck. I've worked with all the greats...including Biggie, but that song hasn't come out yet.

Will we be seeing some production by Sticky in the future? Good lookin' - Are you more focused on movies and television right now, or equally as focused on music? If not, there's always regular Onyx shit to look forward to. -What are some of your favorite atists and/or producers? I'm in the mix tape stage right now, cause I don't feel too many people's projects. If you know the sign Scorpion (me), they do big things periodically, like drop a big ass album called BACDAFUCUP then dissapear for a minute, then be the lead of Blade then dissapear for a minute, then come back and do A Day In the Life.

If so, how the hell do you find the time to do everything? -Do you listen to other genres of music, and if so, what artists?

He is attached to family and responsible towards them.

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