Wmp album art not updating

by  |  05-Jun-2015 19:45

This also means I don't have the album are cluttering my Gallery. bockersjv wipes the complete tracker index, tracker will probably have to crawl the whole content of your filesystem (both internal & any u SD card) again.

wmp album art not updating-4wmp album art not updating-20wmp album art not updating-52

For example, I have an album called National Parks Project, and every single song is by a different set of artists, so of the 20 filenames for it in ~/.cache/media-art, one is an actual jpeg and the other 19 are symbolic links to it.keithzg This (more workaround than) solution should work on Mac / i Tunes combination with Jolla m4a files based on this source.

It requires the mp4v2 (tools) to be installed – install with Mac Ports or any other install method you prefer.

On the plus side, I've confirmed cases where after the latest update i cant get the album art to show up from on the new stuff i added.

also resetting tracker with the commands above didn't do anything, everything i had still shows in the media just fine it, and cover art for the new stuff is still missing.

The media player app very randomly displays some album art but not others.

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