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Observation revealed that a nurse reviewed the patient's medication administration record in the patient's room, walked to the supply room to get the medication from the Pyxis machine, and then often had to stop by the patient refrigerator to get something—like applesauce—to aid in the medication pass before walking back to the patient's room to administer the medication."It was something that was just so ingrained in our staff nurses' normal daily activities," Sievert says. [There's a] big pinch point that we as staff nurses didn't really even realize was there.' " Avendt says the researcher called this realization "the applesauce moment." "Nurses are masterful at just making things work."We were able to take them from a three-mile journey on their shift to 1.5 miles.

They come to the community health center tucked away in an office park here needing cavities filled, prescriptions renewed and babies vaccinated. The country is on course to lose its white majority around 2050.

That future is already visible in Sacramento County and neighboring Yolo County, where West Sacramento is located: by 2013 the combined population of Hispanic, black, Asian and other nonwhite residents had edged out whites.

Here’s a story about a hospital that did a study to see where they could eliminate some steps for Nurses in the design of their new building.

The goal was to give Nurses more time to deliver the best patient care.

If you have to walk all over the building to fulfill a medication order, perhaps there is a better way to do it with less steps.

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